Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sewing Project: "Twist & Shout" Twirl Skirt for Pre-schoolers

This is Abby's new thing:  refusing to look into the camera, instead posing as if she were contemplating a far off land.

Close up:  It's better if you don't look too close.
 My first piece of clothing!  For this project I followed the directions in One Yard Wonders.  The steps were pretty straight forward, but included a bunch of things I've never done before like make an elastic waistband, use piping, make gathers and hem with bias tape.  I did cheat a little and used store bought piping and binding, but I'm going to assume that is what many people would do, not just beginners like me. 

Notes on the project:
-I initially sewed the piping to the inside of skirt when I combined the yoke and bottom half.  I ripped it out and messed with it until I sorted it out.  I needed to flip up the raw edge of the piping before sewing it.  Piping is still a little wonky, but works.

 Backwards piping.  Ugh.

-I really do need to practice my straight stitches.

-Bias tape is too cool for me.  I love the way it looks, but wow do I have a hard time using it.  I've gone over more then a few tutorials on how to sew with it and am still awkward, at best, around it.  I also should have used red thread to attach it.  I thought the white contrast would look good.  Which it would if I could sew straight.

-I snapped the elastic apart at one point and had to rescue it from inside the casing and reattach it.  Not fun.

-Cost was really low.  I only used 12 inches of 3 yards of elastic that was $3, so, that's like what, 20 cents?  The fabric I had left over from the Valentine's Day chairbacks, about $2 worth.  Plus the piping and the bias tape both of which I have plenty of now for other projects...  I'd say this skirt cost me about $4.  Took me three hours or thereabouts to finish. 

Verdict:  Success!  Well, relative success.  I can see a lot of the mistakes in it, anyone who looks closely could, but I know I'll make it again and do a lot better.  Plus, my daughter loved it.


  1. "...contemplating a far-off land" Ha!

  2. Gail! I was thinking of you when I made this skirt actually. I was remembering the skirts that were made for us to wear in your wedding and how cool I thought it was that we all matched. That fabric was silky. I haven't used anything but cotton yet! Too scared.


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