Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sewing Project: Easy Boy's Toy Roll-Up

My kids both have those crayon roll ups that are all over Etsy.  You know, the fabric ones that have a small pad of paper and a set of crayons?  I buy them for every random kid birthday party I have to attend.  Now that I have my own sewing machine (theoretically) I could make them myself, if I were so inclined or organized.  They are totally adorable and in my experience have saved many fellow air passengers a headache.  The thing is, my son gets bored with the coloring pretty fast.  My daughter could, and does, sit for extraordinary long periods talking to herself and doodling. 

So I came up with this for him:

Hey, that's the old ironing board cover!  I guess I did have a photo.  Ugly, huh?

They slide all the way in and the top folds down on top of them to limit MIA losses. 
These are Star Wars guys in case you aren't aware or don't live with a 5 year old boy.  Toddler action figures are way more dimensional then crayons and they don't fold up as neatly, hence the elastic.  His Hot Wheels will fit in here too in case he wants to mix it up.  The roll up is basically just a replacement for a plastic snack bag that they usually get toted around in on trips. 
Notes on the project:
-no pattern or anything, just futzed around with a ruler until I figured it out.

-this took no time at all to sew, however it took me awhile to sort the elastic situation, in the end I just sewed on the fake bow and a button and called it a day.

-the fabric were all scraps and the button was probably the most expensive thing at a whopping 30 cents.

-tips for beginners: if you make something like this I'd recommend knowing what you want to have in it first to measure the pockets (I had the cars).  Don't be afraid to just make stuff.  I wanted to make something the night I made this, but knew I didn't have time to do a whole 'real' project.  This was quick, satisfying and somewhat useful.

Verdict:  Success.  Not super exciting, I almost didn't include it here,  (I did this last week hence the old ironing board).  I almost wish it held a couple more toys then I remind myself  it would be unwieldy and the whole point is to have it travel well.

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  1. That's really cute! I love all the sewing projects you've posted - the ironing board cover, little girl skirt (piping is tricky), and valentine's bag! Cute stuff!


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