Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sewing Project: Extra Wide Ironing Board Cover

I only have an after picture because I started this on a whim and didn't think about it.  You'll have to trust me the old ironing board cover was nothing to photograph anyway.  I bought the board at Walmart several years ago because it boasted that it was "Extra Wide".  What they didn't advertise was that meant standard ironing board covers won't fit so you'll never be able to buy a replacement.  Eight years later, this thing was looking pretty worn.  The biggest problem was that the padding underneath was not sufficient.  When I took off the cover I saw that it was actually just a felt pad.  No wonder the metal crisscross pattern of the base would press itself into the fabric while I ironed!  Now that I'm sewing and using the iron a lot more this board was driving me crazy. I looked up some different directions online and in a couple of books I have to make my own cover, but honestly they all seemed way too complicated:  there were paper bag patterns, bias tape (my current nemesis), and lots of measuring in almost every one.  I just figured this out on my own. 

There was no information printed on the selvage... if you know what this design is called or who makes it, let me know.

Notes on the Project:
-I thought of it as just a big skirt where the waistband goes underneath and the person wearing it is really, really skinny.
-I laid the fabric out over the board, traced it and (without measuring) cut it out eyeballing two inches from the outline.
-I sewed a half inch casement (roughly, I didn't cut very evenly) and put in some 1/4 inch elastic. Since I wasn't sure how much I'd need I didn't cut the elastic until I had it on the board.
-To add some extra padding I traced and cut out some low loft batting to go under the old felt pad.  If you do this yourself I'd recommend measuring out your fabric after cutting out the batting just to make sure you have enough of a side allowance to cover the additional padding. 
-Cost:  I had everything on hand for this project.  The fabric was $8/yard so it wasn't cheap.  I'd guess I used a 1.25 yards, maybe more.  Same with the elastic.  The batting I got on sale a Joann's a couple of weeks ago and I don't remember how much I paid, but I remember it was a great sale.  I'd guess this cost me $12-14.  It took less then two hours. 

Verdict:  Success!  I won't feel so bad leaving out the ironing board in the dining room now.  Not that the ugly cover stopped me before.

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