Saturday, January 15, 2011

No Machine Sewing Project: Kitty Bat Stuffed Animal

Back in November my younger sister and I shooed my kids outside and decided, for reasons I'm not entirely certain of, to make stuffed animals.  It was something neither of us had ever attempted before.

We were bored?  I don't know.  I had seen a tutorial on the Storque's How to Tuesday weeks earlier and it seemed easy enough!  Better then watching tv, right?  Well, SIX HOURS later we had this guy.  Entirely handmade and stitched from old footie-jammies destined for Goodwill.

Now, yes, technically he is supposed to be a cat, but he turned out more like a bat.  My sister's did too, so I think it's just the way he's supposed to be.  We skipped the optional tail which might be part of his confused identity.  We filled him with pinto beans too since it's not like I had cotton stuffing sitting around.  Those changes aside, the pattern was easy to follow and, despite the time suck, it was fun. I happened to have the beans in the pantry and the needles and embroidery thread from long abandoned cross-stitching kits so the cost here was $0 (not counting my time which makes this the world's most expensive stuffed animal ever).  The eyes were buttons from another Goodwill item.

Notes on the project: 
- do clip the corners, it makes a huge difference.  You can see some puckering at his arms and crotch area if you look.  I didn't do enough clipping in those areas.

- find directions online on how to do an invisible stitch in order to close him up once he's right side out and stuffed.  You can't quite tell from this photo, but my stitches across his head are not so invisible.

-using ribbon my sister had on hand from the $1 section of Target I gave him a little scarf that I glued on with crazy glue, hoping to make him look less like a green bat.  Not sure if it was necessary.

-I free-handed the circles for the eyes.  Don't.  Trace something like it tells you to do.

-he's small.  The pattern looks a decent size, but take away the cutting and sewing allowance and there's not much left.

Verdict:  He's cute!  My 4 year old son claimed him as his "buddy" that night.  Which put my three year old in a tizzy because she wanted an animal too.  Which is where Fernando comes in...

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