Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sewing Project: Custom Basket Liner

No real post to go along with this one- it is pretty straight forward. I had this old long basket which is a great shape, but was not IN great shape. So I lined it!

Used the same un-named fabric I used for the ironing board cover. Not sold on the ribbon bow, not really me, but it's fine. If I ever do it again I'll insert elastic I think and sew it closed. A bunch of mismatched baskets lined in the same fabric is a great way to get rid of them at a yard sale, I think. Somebody's grandma would buy them! I'm really not a basket kind of girl.

Perfect for protein shake mix and bars to grab running out the door. Much needed accesible storage for those since I'm going to lose ten more pounds before my birthday so I can at least turn 35 weighing what I did before I had kids. A small victory against the passage of Time. Time is such a jackass!

Only difficult part of this project was the math. I have serious difficulty not with numbers, but with seeing them in three dimensions. Width, length and height are not terribly esoteric concepts yet my mind gets confused. Hence all the arrows. Don't laugh! It worked.

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