Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Other Crafts: "Make Your Own Damn Lunch" Back to School Printables & Garden Tour

Something free today!  My Etsy shop, Starbee Designs, is going on an autumn sabbatical for the upcoming wine grape Harvest.  I looked over my priorities and I just won't have the time for the next couple of months.  My current listings will expire soon and obviously any orders placed before then will be honored, but I'm not going to take on any custom work for the time being which is about 90% of all my orders. 

Cabernet Sauvignon.  Coming to a wine bottle near you... in two to three years. 

I was going to list a set of jar labels and a fun lunch checklist before school started and never got around to it (see! too busy!) so I thought I'd just share the labels here as a free printable.

2 inch label on an Elite Ball jar.  My sister wanted me to say "jamn" instead of "damn" which I thought was brilliant, but wanted to use these for more then just jam.  I like them filled out with pencil.

You can write in any flavor of jam, hummus, pickles, etc. and practice you penmanship. I was super bummed when I realized that my son's new school is nut-free.  No more PB&J on the days I can't figure out what to make him!  And we have sooo much jam from our garden..  My mother-in- law raided our garden and her own and made more then 300 jars of jam this summer (for my sister-in-law's wedding next year to give as favors), plus the dozens of jars we made for ourselves... and we still have berries!

Here for a PDF sized to fit  2.5 inch round labels (Avery 5294 or OL 350)
Here for a PDF sized to fit 1.67 inch round labels (Avery 5293 or OL 325)
Here for a PDF sized to fit 2 inch round labels (OL 5375 or print on a full sheet label or copy paper and glue to use with a 2" round punch)

Back to School Garden Tour!  Please note that I LOVE my garden, but am in no way responsible for it's glory or yummy output.  I have a single house plant named Harvey.  No tips or tricks from me.  We (obviously) can't eat all this.  We give a lot of it to friends and co-workers and take everything leftover to the Food Bank.  To keep myself from looking foolish I only took pictures of things I recognized;  there was an embarrassing amount I didn't.  Mostly trees. 

Never ending Raspberries.  Delightful!

The Green Bean Tunnel.  Abby plays here a lot and I can't blame her.  Great fresh and so many ways to pickle them.

Pumpkins!  Told you Halloween was coming up fast.  Expect carvings on the blog.

Artichokes.  I had no idea these were in our garden.  Not really lunchbox-able.

Apples- these are great baking, not so good for school lunch.  Not sweet.  Might be Gravensteins??  I don't know my apples.
*** I've been informed this is a rare quince tree, not an apple at all which would explain why you can't just eat them.***

Mulberry TREE, not bush, people.  Make as a chunky jam-chutney and use on meats, like duck.

Some sort of lettuce...  I think.  Embarrassing.
***My mom emailed me to say that this is in fact Swiss Chard and that she has served it to me multiple times in my life.***

Row of cherry tomatoes, I like to take these as snack to the preschool with mini whole wheat bagels and cream cheese.  The kids love it.

Strawberry wine barrels.  Jackrabbits will devour them if you plant them in the ground.

Cutting flowers for arrangements that I constantly forget to go cut and arrange.

A huge pile of garlic, dusted with redwood needles.  Who needs a root cellar when you have trees?   My husband roasts and pickles these.  They kind of freak me out like this.


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