Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sewing Project: "Mini Me" Kid's Reversible Apron

This was one of the first tutorials I downloaded back in January after I got my machine. It is from the lovely and creative Living with Punks and is part of a whole "Mini Me" kitchen set with pot holders and mitts. The tutorial is super easy to follow, I mean, I could do it, so pretty much any beginner could. She has a bunch of great tutorials and lots of boys' projects which are tougher to find so check it out!

I wanted to make an apron because another of my favorite blogs, At Second Street along with Craftiness Is Not Optional, are having a week of apron madness they are calling "Tie One On" (cute, huh?). But I couldn't bring myself to make a me-sized apron.

Because, blog confession: I don't cook.

My husband does 90% of the cooking. He loves to cook, it is his hobby where as I feel it is a terrible chore that should be rushed through as quickly as possible. I mean, I make breakfast for the kids and pack their preschool lunches three days a week, it's not like I don't make ANYTHING. Just not dinners, usually. Anyway, making myself a ruffly, pretty apron seemed pointless and just a little false. So I made one for my kids' play kitchen. Much more practical then one for me!

Notes on the project:
-super easy, except for turning those long waist straps. Wow. I need to buy one of those turning tools, I guess. I thought they were a waste, but now I know different.

-this apron is supposed to have cute little elasticized scoop pockets on the front. I made them then decided not to attach them in part because I realized if I didn't my son could easily wear this with the red side out.

-my daughter is tall for her age, (nearly 4) so this apron looks a little short in the pictures. I just tie the apron looser around her neck and it looks fine. If your kid is older or a lot taller it would be really easy to modify Living with Punks pattern to make it bigger.

-I was disproportionately happy with how my edge stitching on the neck straps turned out. Look! They are straight and at the edge! Woo-hoo!

-cost was almost nothing. $2? The red polka dots were left over from the valentine's day chair backs. This took me maybe an hour and a lot of that was the pockets I didn't end up using and the rest on turning the straps.

Verdict: Success. It was an easy one.


  1. So darling! ...I love the fabric choices too. You know me, I'm a sucker for polka-dots :) I just got done making a baby dress and would've loved turning tools too, but I, like you, thought ehhh, don't need em. Now with sore fingers as I type, I think I shall buy :)
    Thanks for the kind words about the tutorial, and I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Thanks for the tutorial! I really do appreciate it. We have a shared love of polka dots, I think.

    I actually own the Land of Nod one seater ottomans you knocked off but plan to recover them using you're directions. One day!


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