Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sewing Project: All Ages Jumper & Shamrock Onesie

Another St. Patrick's Day project!  I made this for the cutest baby girl, Vivian, daughter of the awesome Miss Kara, friend and killer co-worker. Technically, the third piece of clothing I've ever made, this outfit was a challenge that turned out pretty well. It is a size 12 months made from the "All Ages Jumper" pattern in One Yard Wonders, (which I will get around to reviewing one day).

I used quilt bias binding for the hem which is wide enough that catching the edge was not an issue and I imagine I'll be using plenty of it until I get a better handle on bias tape or learn to make my own. I made the buttons to match. The great thing about the jumper is that it has an elastic back so (if I had made it in non-seasonal fabric) it could grow with the kid and become a longish top to wear with leggings. Nifty, huh? That's a look I really like on little girls actually.  My daughter is wearing leggings under a skirt right now.

Elastic back with inserted straps.  Woo-hoo!

Well, at least you know it is hand-made...

Notes on the project:
-the directions for the jumper were really unclear about how to attach the front and back along with the elastic. I searched the internet and only found examples of people's finished projects. I figured it out on my own, but it took awhile and I wasn't sure I was doing it right. It is more then possible this confusion was due to my total lack of skillzzz.

-the pattern calls for you to attach the straps on the outside with a box stitch, but I thought that looked a little messy so I just inserted them into the seam. A lot of the people who'd made this had complained that the straps were too long, so by inserting them I hoped to make them just a tad shorter too.

-had a little trouble with the buttonholes this time, though I was doing it exactly like I was before, so I don't know. It worked out but isn't has neat as it could have been.

-I used 100% cotton thread to attach the bias tape since I couldn't find the right color in any other thread.  I do not recommend for beginners.  I snapped it a couple of times and it was just not as easy to work with as the blended thread.  I did like the texture though.

-I hand embroidered the onesie which was not as easy as I thought. I attached stabilizer to the back but it was still stretchy. My poor drawing ability is on display here with the different sized and shaped shamrocks. I used variegated green floss which I think was a good idea. Gives the design some depth.

-cost was low. The onesie was $2.00 and the fabric and buttons were probably $4.50 total. This did take some time, but I kept taking breaks to do other things. Maybe three hours? The embroidery I just did while watching tv so that shouldn't even count. That's lost time anyway!

Verdict:  Successfully cute!  We'll see how it actually fits and wears.  I will be making this jumper again, I'm sure.




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